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Explain your ability to manage and provide Continuous Improvement plans

As a dedicated fleet provider, we develop an appropriate set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in collaboration with our client. KPIs are typically focused on, on-time arrival metrics. Other KPIs include safety metrics, load KPIs (this information could be the number of cases, pallets or pounds being delivered on each bill of lading), waiting times at your customer’s etc. The benefit of conveying load-specific information is that cost becomes clearly visible. KPIs are a great tool to help identify opportunities for increased efficiency and superior value.

Do you have a formal, documented contingency plan that is regularly tested?

Fortigo’s C.A.R.E. Program (Contingency; Active Response Execution): Whether it’s right sizing your fleet to match seasonal highs and lows or just filling in for drivers that are on vacation or off due to injury; you are in good hands with Fortigo. The Fortigo C.A.R.E. Program is our proactive approach to customer-specific contingency planning, matched with flawless execution.

Can Fortigo provide the necessary personnel and facilities to keep us at the leading edge of technology and systems development?

Fortigo’s dedication to service is born by our investment in leading edge technology. Web E-portal Track & Trace scanning technology is used to monitor attended and unattended deliveries.

Capable of: On-time delivery performance, date and time stamped, real-time delivery and POD verification, barcode scanning, enhanced visibility to ensure integrity and delivery accuracy, intuitive user interface, guaranteed message delivery and updates, exception reporting, quality control and compliance, GPS, signature capture and bread crumb trails.

What type of reports do you provide to your customers to measure performance?

Fortigo collects and monitors data as it relates to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) i.e. pick-ups, on-time delivery, cost per stop etc. In harmony with our clients, we establish key baseline metrics to preserve and improve our client’s customer service levels. Routing technology for continuous improvement initiatives help to drive down costs, increasing efficiency and improve services.

Will our fleet have a designated customer service representative or account representative who will manage all of our business needs?

Fortigo provides a dedicated customer service operator that is responsible for ensuring that all operational aspects of the relationship are being met. This person is accessible around the clock, 7 days a week. We also provide an escalation organizational call list (i.e. including our executive team members) for our customers. This ensures a timely response when paired with our 24/7 customer service line that is responsible and/or can provide assistance to the majority of our operations across the country.

Does Fortigo have a comprehensive safety and compliance program?

Safety is number “ONE”. This is evident from Fortigo’s high level of employee commitment starting from our senior management team, to all of our drivers. This commitment to safety ensures that all equipment is maintained and operated efficiently (minimum down time) and safely, while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint. Safety is always top of mind at Fortigo. It is a continuous focus that keeps our staff and organization ahead of the curve.

What happens if the driver gets sick or takes a vacation?

It is Fortigo’s responsibility to replace the driver with a qualified and trained driver. Replacement drivers are filtered into the account periodically, to get to know the products and people so when the aforementioned does occur, there is a seamless transition.

What happens if and when the truck breaks down? What will happen to my deliveries and pick-ups?

Breakdowns are rare as we place mechanically sound equipment on all of our accounts but even with new equipment, breakdowns occur. Both Fortigo and your company will be immediately informed of any complications and/or breakdowns by the driver. Fortigo’s operations determine the extent of the break-down and correct course of action to be taken so that deliveries can be achieved. No headaches for you! You will not be billed during the down-time or better yet, if you prefer, the driver can work extra during that day to make up for the lost time.

Who dispatches the driver and controls their start and finish times?

You control the driver’s work day. There will be times when the driver will need to be off to attend to a personal appointment (dental/medical etc.) but a replacement driver will be provided at no extra cost. Communication between the driver and Fortigo allows for a replacement driver, without disrupting service. If and when the need arises, Fortigo can provide you with a fully trained and qualified dispatcher for your organization.

What if I need extra equipment or manpower during the course of the week?

Surges occur in every business. We understand and appreciate the extra stress this poses on you and we want to help. We ask that you communicate this to our operations personnel, who will help determine the best course of action to meet your needs, whether it’s added trucks, a different type of truck or any other resolution our team of experienced operations staff can help to uncover. Bottom line: the job will get done and you will quickly, easily and cost effectively copes with surges in your business with the help of Fortigo.

What if the driver needs to be replaced due to inappropriate actions and/or lack of productivity?

The supplied driver must be acceptable to you and we will replace him/her free of charge. We strive not to have such occurrences and thus we have taken proactive measures to avoid such occurrences by implementing a rigorous hiring and training program. However, mistakes do happen and we appreciate the opportunity to rectify the circumstance.

Could weekend work be arranged?

Absolutely; but we ask that you let us know if this will be a regular service requirement or just an isolated necessity. It would be Fortigo’s responsibility to ensure weekend service is provided with a qualified and trained driver.

What happens when and if there is a slow day and there are minimal deliveries and pickups?

Light warehouse, shipping/receiving work may be acceptable to Fortigo. Please advise us prior to having the driver perform these tasks, as there are some administrative arrangements that need to be made.

Can the driver assist in unloading & loading the truck?

You would need to provide us with this type of information prior to the contract being finalized. Issues like whether these types of activities (hand-bomb, the use of a pump truck or dolly etc.) are regular occurrences or irregularities is critical information. In essence, the answer is yes but we would like to prepare and train our drivers for such activities prior to placing them in your organization.

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